Monday, September 3, 2018

Las Vegas Atmosphere Models

Las Vegas Talent Inc has been a leading modeling agency for the last 20 years. Our Las Vegas atmosphere models are frequently booked by clubs, groups or individuals that is looking to book a nice looking friendly model or models. Our models are very professional, sociable and beautiful.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Las Vegas Modeling Agency

Las Vegas Talent, Inc is a Las Vegas Modeling Agency. For nearly two decades our roster includes top models for public and private events. Our Las Vegas Models are frequently booked for trade shows and conventions. They are used for general booth staffing and marketing. They not only help with the customers workload, but booking Las Vegas trade show models also attracts attendees!
Las Vegas Modeling Agency

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since we created a post. We have been very busy. Besides booking world class talent we also offer trade show services for Las Vegas. Our new site is

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Las Vegas Models May 2016

We continue to be the leaders for booking Las Vegas models for public events. He have strong Las Vegas Models
bookings in the trade-show industry will 100% positive followup reviews from our clients.We are very picky who we represent and submit to our clients for their consideration during the booking process. Our repeat booking from our clients is about 90%. We enjoy a strong relationship with our models and they go the extra mile for us and our clients. Our clients have been so happy they are actually offering bookings to other locations for their trade-shows. They prefer the extra cost because they know and want the models they booked with us in Las Vegas. You can visit our modeling website Las Vegas Models

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Las Vegas Talent Agency March newsletter

Welcome to our March blog  

We are extremely As many people know we have been in business a very long time and have a reputation of being one of the leading talent and modeling agencies in Las Vegas.We always go the extra mile for our clients and our talent. We enjoy a strong repeat client bookings because we get it right for every booking we do. Here is just a few recently highlights.

We recently worked with ABC on a 20/20 segment titles Road Rage that was a story based on the Tammy Meyers road rage murder case. We booked several of the actors. 

We would like to thank Microsoft for letting us book their tech playground here in Las Vegas

We can go on and on but it will take forever.
Be sure to visit

Our Musical acts     

    We have one of the largest rosters of musical acts that consist of top Las Vegas bands of all styles. You can see many of our bands at various places including The Fremont Street Experience downtown Las Vegas. We have a couple of band websites and

Our Las Vegas Models                  

We are one of the few talent agencies that also has a hard to get modeling licence. We
are extremely active in booking Las Vegas trade show models along with many special events. We are very selective on the models we represent and submit to our clients. Our models have to look good, have good personalities and be reliable and hard working. Be sure to visit  Our latest Las Vegas models blog

Celebrity Lookalikes and Impersonators        

Celebrity lookalikes and impersonators is a specialty that has a good demand but with a small selection of world class impersonators. You can find countless lookalikes but only a few top professionals that have the look, wardrobe and act. Lookalikes draw big crowds and are great for special events, trade-shows, body doubles... Be sure to visit  

Specialty acts

In a nutshell we book everything, magicians, illusionist, circus acts, deejays, go-go dancer, show girls. If you are a professional talent and would like to join our agency click on
If you would like to inquire about booking our talent

Join oiur social media and newsletters that are on many of our websites. Signing off for now.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Las Vegas Talent Agency February 2016

Thank you for looking at our Las Vegas Talent Agency Blog

We hope everybody is having a great February so far. 2016 has started out pretty good with giant clients using our services including ABC for letting us cast some actors for they recent 20/20 documentary for the Tammy Meyers road rage murder case.
Our band bookings is very active and be sure to see our bands at The Fremont Street experience downtown Las Vegas.
Our Las Vegas Trade-show models are very busy and is a major division of our agency
Our celebrity impersonators is strong and we have amazing lookalikes.

We have been remodeling and updating our several websites. These are a few but there are more.

Las Vegas Talent Agency (main)

Las Vegas Talent Agency (secondary)

Las Vegas Models 

Las Vegas celebrity impersonators (main)

Las Vegas Celebrity Impersonators  (secondary)

Las Vegas bands (main)

Las Vegas Bands (secondary

Bands Central (national booking)

Bands Services  (helping bands for bookings and original bands for record deals

Cover Bands (free video promotion site)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Las Vegas Talent Agency 2016

Welcome to our new blog post for 2016 

 Our entertainment is not expensive, it's priceless

I just realized that we have been publishing newsletters on our websites and haven't used blogger since 2013. I love the look and tools of blogger so I am going to start using this blogger more. So, we are back on Blogger!

For people that are in the entertainment industry or people that love Las Vegas entertainment, I will try to make our blogs as eye catching along with Las Vegas Talent Agency news. I will add images, links to websites and videos so if you hover a particular text that is in a different color, most likely it's a link you can click on. So are you ready, lets ROCK!

For people that don't know who we are, we are a full service talent and modeling agency that has been in business nearly two decades. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies to small business.
We are one of the few talent agency that has both a talent and modeling licence.We book all types of entertainment for public and private events. Our mission statement is " To give each of our clients and entertainers 5 star service". You can meet our team at the bottom of this post. Also join us on many of the major social media sites that I will list at the bottom as well.
Las Vegas Models                                                        
Our modeling agency division as became one of the most successful services we are active in. Our models are booked for trade-shows, conventions, greeters at special events and are available for public and private events. There beautiful,smart and talented. We only book the best.

Las Vegas Bands     
With a long successful and extensive history in booking bands for events of all styles, we represent over 100 local Las Vegas bands and can be seen everywhere. We also book famous name bands.

We have a top roster of celebrity impersonators and lookalikes. We have movie stars, rock stars, legends. Now you can have a famous icon at your event. Available for meet and greet, performances, movie doubles, commercials, weddings and trade-shows.

We have everything from circus performers, GoGo dancers,DJ's, little people, magicians, illusionist, stilt walkers, you name it. If it's in Las Vegas we have it or will find it.

Meet our team.
Steve Kaplan: 
CEO, owner, booking agent 
 Steve works long hours working with clients, submitting talent, writing client and talent contracts, payroll and accounting. Steve does everything and is the backbone of Las Vegas Talent Agency

 Paul Sanders          
General manager, senior booking agent   
Paul has worked his entire career in the entertainment business and has received several awards and has worked with famous name entertainers,bands and venues. Works everyday answering calls, submitting talent, negotiating fees for clients and talent. Talent recruiting, social media author.

Saturn Reyes 
GoGo dancer captain, model, specialty organizer
Saturn has grown up in the entertainment business and started modeling and acting at an early age. She goes the extra mile for everybody and is very creative and dependable. She has a college degree in business.

Melanie Kramer 

Specialty act organizer
Melanie is a specialty act entertainer and organizer. She knows everybody in the entertainment industry.She is our go to person when we need something special.

Join us on our social media 
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